Rose Quartz Crystal Engagement Ring Holder

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This is one of our popular handcrafted ring holders that are perfect as wedding ring holders and bride to be gifts! Treat yourself or a loved one to a custom jewelry display created from clear aura quartz points and polished Rose Quartz crystals on a 4” mirror outlined in liquid gold, geode style. This is a soft, feminine design and perfect for an engagement ring dish or bride to be gift as well as a wedding ring holder for someone special in your life.

Rose Quartz is a stone representing love and the stone for zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It’s a heart chakra stone for pure love, harmony and understanding.

Since it is handcrafted, each will vary since gemstones are as unique as we are! Perfect for an engagement, birthday or a bridesmaid gift. 

** Please take care to lift this from the bottom and not by the crystals as they’re delicate.** Polish with a soft dry cloth.

If you’re giving someone a jewelry gift, why not add a beautiful jewelry holder to display it!

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