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Succulent Arrangements in Wine Bottle Planter

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Succulent arrangements in hand cut, upcycled wine bottle planters are perfect for a housewarming or birthday. A lovely one of a kind gift for the plant lover, wine lover, or succulent connoisseur. The hand cut wine planter is topped with ethereal words of "Shine Bright" and "Make Today Amazing" as well as hearts in Amethyst Jade Nephrite and Ruby on Zoisite polished gemstone chips.

Size approx. 3" D x 7" H. We include a watering tool and care instructions. Pebbles are on the bottom for drainage.

--> Fine Print: Our succulents are guaranteed for 20 days upon receipt as long as care is taken according to instructions. They are packed securely and marked fragile but things can happen in shipment. Please contact us immediately and send pictures if there is an unfortunate mishap in shipping. Plants will go through a transition and may drop leaves while adjusting to a new environment or in shipment.

Succulent Care: Prefer bright light and not more than 2-3 hours of sun. It's good to inspect your succulents every few weeks for pests. If you see white spots (cobwebby looking) it could be mealy bugs. Take a Q-tip and dip in alcohol to remove it. Try not to overwater. Use the wood skewer and check the soil (kinda like baked cake) if it comes out clean, it needs water. You can use the pipette included which helps prevent overwatering or purchase a water bottle.

Our wine bottle planters are repurposed, upcycled, hand cut, sanded and finished in our studio. Some do not always cut exactly straight so they may be 'perfectly flawed' but they are OOAK. When your succulent outgrows the planter it can be reused for another plant, an air plant holder, a candle holder or just recycled! Be creative!

Thank you and have a blissful day!

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