Rose Quartz Crystal Business Card Holder

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Unique handcrafted Business Card Holders for your work or home office.  Beautiful, functional Crystal Business Card Holders for your office desk or to hold 'Thank You' cards. The base is a 3" mirror embellished with pink aura or clear Quartz points in the back and a rose quartz raw or polished heart stone in front, outlined in liquid gold or polished rose quartz crystals. These are perfect for a job promotion, graduation or coworker gift. If you have a crystal lover friend, one of these will be great as a gift.

Each card holder is custom made and will vary. The space between the stone and the quartz points is approx. 1” - 1.5".

Rose Quartz is a stone representing love and the stone for zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It’s a heart chakra stone for pure love, harmony and understanding.

Please lift from the bottom and not by the stones, as they are delicate. Clean with a dry soft cloth and do not submerge in water.

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