Amber Quartz Jewelry Holder

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This stunning ring holder features the bright hues and bold design of amber aura quartz points embraced by polished clear quartz crystals. Our crystal ring dish is crafted with quartz stones on an oval matte black porcelain dish to add some allure to your nightstand. You can delicately place several rings on the quartz points and earrings or bracelet in the dish.

Aura Quartz is a form of heat-treated Quartz that can come in a wide range of colors, renowned for shielding your energy from negative vibes. These pieces make excellent gifts for engagements, graduations, and bridal parties, and the Mother of the Bride or Groom. Items pictured are not included. Each crystal is wholly unique, handpicked for its own beauty.

**Be sure to pick up the dish from the bottom, not the crystals, for extra precaution.** Clean with a soft cloth and avoid water and dishwashers. Crafting these quartz cluster ring holders has been delightful, as every gemstone is different. 

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