Sign up for our Succulent Pumpkin Class! Oct. 23rd at 11am in Carlsbad, CA

Class Interest List

If you are interested in upcoming classes, please fill out the Class Interest form and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible with dates and class details. Here are a few of the subjects we may be covering based on interest:

* Live Succulent Wreath Class 

August 28th (Sold Out) and September 18th (Sold Out)

November 28th Christmas Wreath Class

* Plant a Kokodama!  

Kokodama is Japanese for moss ball and is a unique type of planter that is also known as a string garden. Come join us and learn about the history of Kokodama as well as how to care for them.

* Succulents 101

Tutorial on caring for succulents, propagating, watering, and how to keep them happy. 

* What's old is new again!

Everyone has those heirlooms (tea cups, gravy boat, bowls, etc.) that we never use and wonder what to do with them.  Bring your own items and we'll provide supplies and instruction on upcycling your unused silver, china, or keepsake boxes, etc. into beautiful geode, succulent or other designs.

* Wine Bottle Cutting

Learn to cut your own wine bottles!

Tell us your interests and let's create together!  Thank you and we hope to see you at a class soon!

Have a blissful day!