Baby Groot with Air Plant

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We have limited stock of mini baby Groot planters available  They’re perfect gifts for a plant lover, Easter baskets, housewarming or birthday for guys or girls!

They come with an Air Plant which will vary with what’s in stock at the time.  If you have a request, please make a note at checkout and we'll try our best to accommodate it. 

Easy care air plants don’t need soil, only water, air and light.  If you’re in a dry climate, mist twice weekly, depending on whether your climate is humid or arid.  If it gets brown leaves, especially on the ends, dip in water or soak for 15-30 minutes and turn upside down to dry so the water doesn't pool in the center and cause rot.  They love air circulation and indirect light but we don’t recommend direct Sun.  

Contact us with any questions or issues.

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