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Ametrine Crystal and Druzy Jewelry Dish with Rose Quartz Heart

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We have a custom made jewelry dish with cool colors of Ametrine crystals and Druzy Agate nuggets with a Rose Quartz Heart embedded in Ametrine. Ametrine is known to relieve tension, bring serenity and stimulate creativity, as well as balance mental stability and self-confidence. Rose quartz is the stone of love and compassion.

Size is Approx 5” x 12” or 8' x 4". Custom made and each will vary since gemstones are as unique as we are!

** Please take care to lift this from the bottom and not by the crystals as they’re delicate.** Clean with a dry soft cloth.

If you need an engagement, wedding or bridesmaid gifts, these are perfect! 

We can ship as a gift if you like. Just make sure you please include the recipient information and shipping address. Be sure to include a "From" so they know who the thoughtful gifter is. :)

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