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Crystal Candle Dish in Blue Druzy and Amethyst

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Beautiful crystal jewelry dish created from blue druzy Agate and raw Amethyst crystals on an 8” mirror outlined in liquid gold, geode style. Custom made and each will vary since gemstones are as unique as we are!

We love our jewelry and it’s nice to have a beautiful, one of a kind ring or jewelry dish to store our treasures at the end of the day! Treat yourself to our custom jewelry dish, candle holder, perfume display or other decorative piece of art for your home.

Amethyst crystal properties are deeply connected to the third eye chakra, the center of spirituality and intuition, and the crown chakra, the chakra that governs our connection to the universe. These energy centers can be associated with the color purple, which helps to explain why Amethyst crystal is such a powerful stone to balance, open, and activate the third eye and crown chakras.

We will have a gift set for the holidays of the crystal jewelry dish, a sea salt body scrub and a luxurious, lavender lotion in a beautiful gift box. Stay tuned!

**Please take care to lift this from the bottom and not by the crystals as they’re delicate.** Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Perfect for an engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary gift as well as bridesmaid gifts!